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Echoes in Koramangala stands out for its unique concept, which revolves around employing visually impaired staff. This distinctive approach creates a dining experience that is not only about the delicious food but also about promoting inclusivity and empathy. By providing opportunities for the visually impaired, Echoes aims to showcase their abilities and talents, inspiring guests and fostering a greater understanding of their capabilities. It is a concept that adds depth and meaning to the overall dining experience at Echoes.

Echoes in Koramangala is known for its exceptional food that tantalizes the taste buds. With a diverse menu, it offers a wide range of delicious options to satisfy every palate. From flavorful biryanis and succulent kebabs to delectable desserts, each dish is carefully crafted using high-quality ingredients. The attention to detail and culinary expertise shine through in every bite, ensuring that guests have a memorable dining experience filled with delightful flavors and gastronomic delights.

The heartwarming atmosphere at Echoes in Koramangala envelops guests as soon as they step inside. The warm and inviting ambiance creates a cozy setting where people can relax and enjoy their meal. What truly makes the atmosphere special is the dedication and friendliness of the visually impaired staff. Their genuine warmth and attentiveness contribute to a unique dining experience that is filled with empathy, making guests feel valued, cared for, and truly at home.

Echoes in Koramangala creates a positive social impact by providing employment opportunities and empowerment to the visually impaired community. By showcasing their abilities and skills, the restaurant raises awareness and promotes inclusivity. Through their unique concept, Echoes fosters a greater understanding of the capabilities of the visually impaired, challenging stereotypes and creating a more inclusive society. Choosing to dine at Echoes means actively supporting a social cause and contributing to a more inclusive and empathetic community.

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We have the Prefect Area

Echoes in Koramangala is ideally located in the heart of the vibrant neighborhood, known for its bustling streets and trendy atmosphere. Situated amidst the bustling commercial and residential hub, the restaurant offers convenience and accessibility to locals and visitors alike. Its strategic location allows for easy transportation and ample parking facilities nearby. The surrounding area is dotted with various entertainment options, shopping centers, and cultural attractions, making Echoes a perfect spot to unwind and indulge in a delightful meal. Whether you're exploring the local scene or seeking a cozy place to dine, Echoes in Koramangala offers the perfect blend of accessibility, charm, and urban ambiance.

Why choose Echoes, Koramangala?

  •  Unique dining experience: Echoes offers a one-of-a-kind dining experience with its visually impaired staff, creating an inclusive and heartwarming atmosphere.
  • -Exceptional food: The restaurant serves delicious food with a wide variety of options, including biryanis, kebabs, and delectable desserts.
  •  Impeccable service: The staff at Echoes is attentive, courteous, and well-trained, ensuring a memorable and pleasant dining experience.
  •  Social impact: By choosing Echoes, you support a social cause and contribute to empowering the visually impaired community.
  •  Cozy ambiance: The restaurant has a cozy and inviting ambiance, making it an ideal place to relax and enjoy a meal with friends or loved ones.
  •  Convenient location: Echoes is located in Koramangala, a vibrant neighborhood with easy access to transportation and nearby amenities.


Reasons to love for Echoes, Koramangala

Echoes, Koramangala is loved for its heartwarming concept, inclusive atmosphere, exceptional food, impeccable service, and inspiring dedication to the visually impaired.

Trusted & Good Workers
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Echoes, Koramangala has trusted and dedicated workers who provide excellent service, creating a welcoming and enjoyable dining experience.
Customer Recommended
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Echoes, Koramangala comes highly recommended by satisfied customers who praise the exceptional food, warm ambiance, and friendly staff.
Commitment To Trust & Safety.
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Echoes, Koramangala demonstrates a strong commitment to trust and safety, ensuring a secure and comfortable dining experience for all patrons.


Read what our past customers said about our services.

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"Echoes in Koramangala is a hidden gem! The ambiance is cozy and the staff is extremely friendly. The food is delicious, especially their biryanis and kebabs. It's a perfect place to relax and enjoy a great meal."
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"Echoes offers a unique dining experience with its visually impaired staff. The concept is heartwarming, and the food is excellent. The menu has a wide variety of options, and everything I tried was flavorful and well-prepared."
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"I had a wonderful time at Echoes in Koramangala. The service was outstanding, and the staff was attentive and courteous. The food was top-notch, and I particularly loved their desserts. It's definitely a place worth visiting."
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"Echoes is more than just a restaurant; it's an inspiration. The visually impaired staff does an incredible job, and their dedication is commendable. The food is delicious, and the ambiance is warm and inviting. It's a must-visit place in Koramangala."
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"Echoes is a truly unique dining experience. The blind staff creates an atmosphere of inclusivity and warmth. The food is excellent, with a good variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. The place is beautifully decorated, and the entire experience is memorable."
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"I visited Echoes with a group of friends, and we were blown away by the experience. The visually impaired staff was incredibly efficient and welcoming. The food was exceptional, and the presentation was impressive. It's a must-try restaurant in Koramangala."
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"Echoes has a special place in my heart. The idea behind the restaurant is remarkable, and the execution is flawless. The staff is friendly, and they create a comfortable environment. The food is delicious, and the overall experience is heartwarming."
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"I had a fantastic time at Echoes. The concept of empowering the visually impaired is truly inspiring. The staff is well-trained, and they provide impeccable service. The food is scrumptious, and the entire experience is enlightening. Highly recommended!"
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"Echoes is a delightful restaurant with a social cause. The visually impaired staff is highly efficient and professional. The menu offers a good variety of dishes, and everything we ordered was flavorsome. It's a great place to support and enjoy a wonderful meal."
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"Echoes provides a unique sensory experience. The visually impaired staff creates an environment of empathy and understanding. The food is excellent, and the service is exceptional. I left the restaurant with a smile on my face and a desire to come back soon."
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